This tree to the left broke apart in a winter storm in a neighbors yard, and they were kind enough to offer the trunk to me to carve. I decided to make a statue of Rocky out of it, but didn’t want to just make a copy of the more famous Rocky statue, so I chose a completely different pose. The tree is a white oak, and the finished piece stands six feet six inches tall, including the pedestal, and weighs 370 pounds, the heaviest yet of my athlete carvings. Shortly after completing it I was able to display it outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art at a Rocky Movie Night, right at the base of the famous “Rocky Steps”, while the movie Rocky was aired on a large screen in front of thousands of attendees. He was also displayed at the Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame event, and in March of 2020 will be going to Columbus, Ohio for the Arnold Sports Festival, standing alongside of Arnold and Franco.