I started carving people in order to try to capture the anatomy and muscularity. After having done four already, I felt like the ultimate test of muscularity would be a champion bodybuilder. I most closely followed bodybuilding back in the 1970’s as a teenager, so by far the best known to me was Arnold. As his nickname in those days was the “Austrian Oak”, the piece would have to be carved from oak, in this case a black oak which had been laying in a local sawmill for a couple of years.The way it branched out gave plenty of room to have his arms up and out to the sides. As I was working on it I rented a booth at the Arnold Sports Festival, soon to be held in Columbus, Ohio, in order that Arnold and 200,000 Arnold fans could see it in person. I found out that Arnold had actually been following the progress online and already knew about it. I never could have dreamed as I watched him 50 years ago that he would one day stop by to meet me. Or that when I attempted that first carving 12 years ago that it would lead to all of this. I spend hundreds of hours alone working on each piece out of sheer enjoyment, and I do feel proud of each one, but there is nothing like having thousands of people finally see them in person and appreciate them. I will be displaying at the Arnold event again in March. This year I will have two new pieces, Rocky, and Arnold’ best friend and fellow bodybuilding legend, Franco Columbu. Franco just passed away before I could complete my statue of him. But there won’t be a person there who doesn’t know of him so it should be pretty special displaying Arnold and Franco side by side.